6 Practices that can help you become an Activist Developer

For a developer, it is important to have a creative mind that could think out of the box. A mind that navigates with innovative efforts is more likely to adopt the technologies faster. A developer should always be up-to-date with the innovations taking place in the IT industry. It could be challenging to approach the diversity of technicality, but this is the key that can help you think with creative minds and can mark you as an effective programmer.

A good programmer works strategically. Plan the whole day, shape the tasks according to it and devote time accordingly. There is no skill in doing a lot of work simultaneously, yes thought synchronization is necessary but overwhelming yourself can lead you towards frustration.

Every new day is a learning opportunity for developers. Along with emerging technologies, languages, libraries and software, that drag developers in the learning ground, on the other side, the security breaches and software flaws are equally alarming. In the case of software failure, developers are in the race of learning new tricks which help them introduce efficiency and security at the same time.

For all these issues to handle, there must be a draft of strategy that could help you keep on track and work accordingly. A good programmer complies with his plan. Below are some of the practices that can make a developer proficient in his field;

Make use of Energy Efficiently

Come up with a plan every day. Think about ‘what you want to achieve’. A clear plan helps you focus on the task as well as on time. It is very important to keep track of your productivity. Look which task takes more time? and how can you manage it efficiently?

Your energy is precious. Your thought process should be active when you actually need it.

In the same way, while developing software, a template can help you categorize the energy consumption. Select architectural patterns and tools that could help you manage your energy boldly.

Prioritize the Tasks

Before just starting work, prioritize your tasks for a day. Many times it takes much more time on the tasks that do not need any serious devotion in actual. Make a list of tasks for the day and assign them a number according to their value. Split your time according to it. Spend more time on the tasks that are considered more important in your eye. New technologies take more time to grasp its concepts, a developer must never underestimate the time also never leave the tasks at the stake. Be proactive and give your attention to tasks based on their preference.

Be a Doer

An effective programmer is the one who meets his compelling goals. There is a difference between just thinking of something to do and to actually do. A programmer should be a fast learner. As technologies are advancing day by day. New languages, libraries, framework are introduced every day. It is a challenge for the developers to learn them fast and most importantly, implement them. The spiritual building is important especially when it comes to working for an organization. The deliverance of the project with strict timings is quite challenging. Therefore the developer must be prepared to grasp the concept and implement it at that time instead of learning it at run-time.

Build up Communication

To understand the concepts of an algorithm or to understand the working of some new technology what most programmers do is, read books, watch tutorials, read the documentation. This is not enough. Although these sources are very helpful when you want to grasp the basic concepts. But when the technical details are required, the best source is communicating with the fellow developers. Discuss your solution and entertain their opinion on it.

It is quite joyful when your discussion leads you toward an epic solution on which you spent hours. Enhance your circle of experienced technical personalities. Join the meetings, seminars and technology launch ceremonies. The way these help you visualize the purpose and specialities in the technology is not what you get from some other source. For some programmers, it is hard to collaborate with others, but on a serious note, it deliberately fulfils the purpose with some efforts.

A developers’ thinking process is quite different from a normal person. The reason is, the developer is solving a real-world problem while brainstorming on all possibilities and use-cases of a system. Activist developers must keep several things in mind to enhance productivity. Time management and efficient energy use are extremely important. Synergize and brainstorm with the group that can help you come up with new ideas and think with the abstracted perspectives.




Emily is a tech writer, with expertise in entrepreneurship, and business marketing. She has a knack for technology, & loves to dig out the latest trends in AI.

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Emily Daniel

Emily Daniel

Emily is a tech writer, with expertise in entrepreneurship, and business marketing. She has a knack for technology, & loves to dig out the latest trends in AI.

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