How can Software Developers Boost Up their Learning Process?

Emily Daniel
5 min readJul 23, 2019

Today there is the rapid growth of technological advancements in different industries. Those technologies are serving multiple sectors and developers in multiple ways. Along with this, the learning demand of developers increases. With every passing day, new standards, languages, libraries and technologies are introduced. Technologies like facial recognition, machine learning algorithms, Fintech and their applications, and many such innovations are grabbing the attention of developers. Developers want to embed the latest versions in their system that facilitates a large number of platforms with better performance. For this, learning new things is mandatory. But, it is extremely important to learn them fast.

What can developers do to learn new technologies fast?

Well, it depends on how much passionate you are, how much interest you have in learning new ways of building something, new tricks and skills which can help you in developing a full-fledged secure software.

It is difficult for developers to adopt new technology when they have multiple pending tasks to do. Sometimes, a new issue stops further development and drag you towards implementing algorithms that you have never implemented before.

Let’s say, you have heard of a huge loss of a bank through online payment fraud and you are developing software for a bank through which customers can open their online bank account. Now this news is really important for you. You would have to introduce customer verification in the online process and you have not done this before. This process could require different techniques; maybe facial recognition, AML checks, identity verification and much more. Now you have to learn all the related technologies to secure the software from online fraud.

Along with passion, developers need to take the things smoothly especially when you have organizational pressure. Following a pattern that can help them in better learning of a concept and grasping them. A schedule can help them give priority and proper time to the tasks they want to perform on a daily or weekly basis.

Below are some key points that can help developers in boosting up their learning process;

Start Learning with a Purpose

Before jumping into the new technology, set a goal that what you want to learn? what do you want to achieve by learning this new thing? How you can use it?

There should be a purpose behind learning anything. You must have some insights that help you learn things better and faster. Suppose you are just jumping into the new technology you have heard of, and have grasped the concept what would you do now? Would you continue it or just satisfy yourself that at least you have done?

Without a purpose you cannot get what you want, you cannot learn things the way you can by setting a goal and inspiration in mind. Inspiration to achieving something, a motivation to learn and use it in one way or the other. The motivation to learn things in order to update your skillset is rewarding. You can do things creatively and differently from any other person. All you need to do is that you learn things with a strong purpose.

Find Best Tools and Technologies

After you have set up the goal, now you are determined to learn technology. Before you proceed, find out the best tools and software that can help you in fast learning. The tools with good performance and processing.

Not anything new is good for you. You might show interest for the first time and after researching on it, your taste could be totally different. It is important to spend a little time on getting what new technology is and then devote yourself towards learning it. Find the tools that can help you in better programming skills. Do not follow something which is comparably less influential.

Find out what can fit in your skillset and can improve your technical thoughts. Find something that can help you polish your skills and shape your product in a better way.

Learn and Implement

For developers, only learning is not enough. I mean it is just meaningless. You cannot get benefit from what you have learned until you try it.

Suppose you have learned a new language, you know that you have proficiency over it and you know all its concepts. You cannot grasp them well unless you implement it. Start writing a small program and code it using that language so that the time you have spent do not go in vain.

Implementing certain concepts can help you memorize things and use-cases. It helps you fit it into some other solution efficiently if you know the micro details of it. The implementation shows a running product in front of your eyes on which you will be confident that you made it using your skills. You will be much more determined while using it in the future.

Therefore, only learning cannot be fruitful in any way. Apply your new concepts in solving some real-world problem. That prototype would be a piece of achievement for you.

Spend Time until reach to the Goal

Different technologies have different learning demand. The concepts could be difficult and tricky to understand at first sight. Some technical aspects are hard to grasp which demand time. Do not get demotivated. Try it unless you find yourself at a point you wanted to be. Repeat the above steps if you think that you have not gained enough knowledge as required. The learning process can vary with the complexity of the concepts of technology.

Never get demotivated with a little piece of failure, here is a trick:

If you are not achieving what you want, change the way of getting it, but do not give up.

The passionate developers are always in search of new tricks and tips that can help them out in writing efficient code. They want to develop secure software in less amount of time. For this, first learning is important. To learn certain concepts, make sure that you follow a proper track that helps you maintain a log of what you have learned and how you are using it.



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