Vaccine Passports — A Life-Saver for Pandemic-Struck Businesses

Emily Daniel
3 min readApr 23, 2021


How did the World React to COVID-19?

The COVID-19 crisis has turned the entire world upside down. This situation, which has never been experienced before, is increasing in severity over time. The only way to control the spread of the virus is by implementing the act of social distancing. This requires minimal physical interaction and limited inter-country movement. From education and travel to manufacturing and distribution, every industry has been affected because of the pandemic. It pushes business to adopt more digital ways, which they did. Online lectures and virtual conferences surged during the lockdown.

In mid-September, medical experts managed to discover ways to ease down the restrictions. Wearing masks, gloves and using sanitisers after regular intervals were necessary steps for people to resume any physical interactions. Companies strictly adopted these steps and forced their employees and customers to embrace the guidance of medical experts.

People took a sigh of relief when the pharmaceutical industries began announcing the development of the vaccine. Additionally, the spread of the virus was also controlled by practising COVID-19 SOPs. This proved to be a lifesaver for humans. Lockdowns started to end gradually and businesses took advantage of this. They oblige their customers to present a vaccine passport for availing any services.

What Actually is a Vaccine Passport?

A vaccine passport is a documented proof or certificate that states that the person is injected with the COVID-19 vaccine. This is issued by the authorized medical laboratories. As the vaccine passport emerged, a new term entered the dictionary of travel and associated industries. This means that the travellers have to present vaccination proof prior to travelling.

  • UK government plans to test vaccine passports at sports tournaments i.e. snooker, soccer matches, and comedy clubs
  • American president Joe Biden asked government agencies to assess the feasibility of linking vaccine passports with other travel documents
  • Germany is also going to introduce vaccine passports. Vaccinated people can travel without quarantine, visit the hairdresser, or go out shopping with minimal restrictions
  • 65% of UK citizens believe that vaccine passport will help in minimizing the spread of the virus

How to Verify a Vaccine Passport?

It can be argued that an employee of the hotel or airport staff can easily verify the vaccine certificate manually. But this procedure takes more time, leaving customers unsatisfied. The reason behind customer frustration is mainly is the waiting time in long queues to have themselves verified. Furthermore, there are also cases of fake or forged vaccine passports. This is because the COVID-19 vaccine is expensive and not available for everyone. Thus, to enjoy travel and other services conveniently without any limitations, people start using fake vaccine certificates.

These fraudulent certificates are cleverly photoshopped and very difficult for humans to spot tampering attempts. This raises concerns since it allows non-vaccinated people to travel which can cause the number of COVID-19 cases to increase.

Instead of using manual verification procedures, smart and automated solutions can be utilized to verify the vaccine passport accurately. Such software is provided by identity verification solution providers. All that is required is an image of the vaccine certificate. Once provided, the software extracts information within seconds, providing flawless data privacy.

Why Automated COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Software?

  • It is easy to use, no integration or installation is required. It does not require any other features like device compatibility or extra memory in the system
  • Precisely verifies the vaccine proof by looking at each corner of the image, giving more security for international travel
  • User-friendly and provides frictionless verification in real-time
  • Protects user data and easy to integrate with modern healthcare solutions

Wrapping it Up

As numerous countries are going to launch the vaccine proof law, it will oblige industry sectors such as travel, hospitality, and retail to demand a vaccine certificate from their customers. Having a robust and digital verification solution can assist these businesses in conveniently verifying the vaccine passport in seconds.



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